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4 Ways to Give Yourself a Positivity Boost

Feeling a little blue? ☹ No matter who we are, we definitely all get a little down sometimes. Maybe you’re missing your bestie during lockdown, have had a hard day at (online) school or waking up to rain has put you in a bad mood, everyone needs a positivity boost every now and then. Ready to feel happy? We’ve got just the tips and tricks to give yourself a positivity boost- yay! Let’s turn that frown upside down…


1. Play date with a Puppy

(or just look at cute photos…)

Ok, this is a personal fave for us! As a cruelty free brand we’re pretty obsessed with animals of all kind, so if you have your own fluffy little friend or not, they can definitely bring a little joy into your life when you feel a little blue. Plan a walk with your puppy, cuddles with your bunny or set up a playdate with a friend or family members pet, there’s no better happiness booster than something cute and fluffy. A real-life visit not an option right now? Here’s something cute to tie you over…



2. Fab Food Fun

Sometimes there’s nothing better when you’re feeling down than treating ourselves to your fave foods.


Whether that’s asking your Mum to make your favourite dinner, whipping up a sweet treat or scooping up a yummy milkshake, sometimes when you’re sad a little bit of sugar does the world of good…


3. Pamper Time!

There’s no better pick me up than a little pamper time. It’s part of the reasons Girls4Girls is so fun! Whether it’s playing with makeup (have you seen out Glitter 4 Days palette?) or a soul soothing pamper session (our cooling eye pads = zen) let’s schedule in some *you* time…


4. Call your best friend!

When we’re feeling down do you know what we do? We call our besties and make a plan for some fun! Your best friends are the *best* for a reason… so when you’re a little sad there’s nothing better than spending some quality time with some of your favourite people. Organise a sleepover, watch a fun film together, or find time for facetime… we’re all about girls supporting girls and the best place to start… with your bestie!

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