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5 Ways to Show your Bestie you Love Her!


Best friends. They’re pretty amazing right? Smart, supportive, funny, adventurous, and amazing in a million different ways. They just get you, and where would we be without them?! You probably tell your parents you love them, your pets, maybeee even your siblings, but how often do you tell you best friends? Potentially not enough! Here’s 10 fun ways to not only tell your bestie you love them but show them too!
1. Send them a link to a music video you both used to love! Used to be obsessed with a specific Disney song? Perfected a certain Tik Tok dance? Got a song you always sing on the way to school? This is a great way to remind them of an awesome memory and think about all the amazing times you’ve had together.
2. Post (or send them) a photo or video Whether it’s a cute dog meme, a photo of a fun time together or a hilarious video from your fave sleepover, making your friend smile is the perfect way to show some love!
3. Check in when you know they’re going through a tough time (and the weeks that follow) There’s never a time we need the support of our besties than when something tough is happening in our lives. From bullying at school to problems at home or something else entirely, it’s important to let your friends know you they can lean on you whenever they need to.
4. Make a big fuss! We all have something in our lives we really want to celebrate and there’s nothing better than celebrating your achievements than celebrating with friends. Maybe they’ve just won a race they’ve been training for, it’s their birthday or they got a really good mark on a test they’ve been worrying about. Whatever it is, cheer them on and tell them you’re proud- there’s nothing better than girls supporting girls…
5. Video chat or face time with them There’s nothing better than seeing your best friends face but living in lockdown times that’s not always possible. With the permission of your parents there’s something extra special about a facetime call vs. a text or quick message.
6. Compliment them And we don’t just mean how they look or their outfits (although that’s lovely too!) Everyone is really good at something but a lot of us just don’t realise it! Is your best friend and amazing dancer? Really good at Maths? An incredible painter? Or really good at listening when you need someone to talk to? Tell them!
7. Go on new adventures! The perfect way to show someone you love them? Spending time with them! Try and think of things you’d both love to do and then invite them to do it! It shows how much you love their company and that you’ve been thinking of things they’d enjoy too.
Great friends are worth holding on to, so why not tell (& show) your bestie you love her with one or a few of these easy steps! You might even find they start doing the same in return!
Love, G4G
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